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Sustainability Project

Keney Park Sustainability Project implements its mission by providing hands-on training, on site demonstrations, outreach and community collaborations that help families become more self sustainable and environmentally conscious.

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By supporting KPSP, you are helping to build our programs so that we may provide the best recreational and educational services for our community. We appreciate each and every donation and, more importantly, your dollars help transform and restore the wonder of Keney Park. 

Our Programs​

Though our various programs our goal is to support the development and sustainability of community-based food systems while empowering our community members to be stewards of the environment.

Get Involved

Looking to become involved? Need Community Service Hours? Want to do a project with your corporate, school, or faith group? There is something for everyone!

Trail Walk Series!

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Introducing Our Project Sites

Including Two of Our Newest Initiatives

Improving Keney Park One Site At A Time

Reconnecting people to the healing power of nature