Nutrition Education

What is it?

The Mobile Teaching Kitchen at KPSP is a repurposed, decommissioned school bus with an interior transformed into a mobile teaching kitchen. This project is once again underway. With renovations to the white mini- bus beside the garage ongoing: The bus is intended to bring relief to the food deserts of Hartford’s poorest neighborhoods.

Why Teach?

If people feel equipped to prepare healthy foods for themselves, hopefully gaining this knowledge from the Mobile Teaching Kitchen, as long as the access to these foods are there, via local farmers markets, then we believe they will likes begin to maintain a healthier diet, which will improve their quality of life.


The mobile teaching kitchen will familiarize folks with foods there may not be accustomed to eating. People living in food deserts have the greatest access to cheap, unhealthy, processed foods and may not have the skillset to prepare and consume more nutritious options.


The objective is to teach residents how to cook healthy meals with the produce they’ve just purchased from both mobile and standard farmers markets or harvested from a local garden. It will follow the path of Hartford Food System’s mobile farmers market, which is another repurposed bus that brings fresh produce to areas where groceries are scarce.


Proper nutrition is the cornerstone of any healthy lifestyle. Individuals who eat a proper balance of fruits and vegetables, rich in nutrients will receive not only physical health benefits, but mental health benefits as well. The brain required the right kinds of nutrients to remain as focused and sharp as possible and when individuals understand the value in cooking with naturally grown foods, they begin to live a better life.

Outdoor Kitchen


An outdoor kitchen is underway at KPSP. With the kitchen. There will be a focus on nutrition and gathering as a collective. KPSP will show some of the value in your harvest.


An outdoor kitchen can promote community by providing a resource to cook food together and gather to enjoy a meal. In a city as diverse as Hartford, it will be a great opportunity for neighbors to exchange cultural cooking practices, broaden their palettes, and form new relationships with food and each other.


This kitchen will be a demonstration place for folks to gather and learn to prepare meals using the harvest from community garden spaces. It will allow KPSP to host more community events as well.