Best copper stocks: How to Invest in Copper Updated 2023

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The versatile metal has been a staple in the global market due to its industrial worth. Minaurum is an exploration company creating shareholder value through the discovery and development of new district-scale silver and gold discoveries in Mexico. The Minaurum team has a proven technical and financing track record and has been credited with the discovery of over 300 million ounces of silver and 16 million ounces of gold in Mexico.


However, in the fourth quarter of the year, shares stabilized somewhat, increasing about 15%. In addition to that, if the number of COVID-19 cases in China rises to an unmanageable number, China may be forced to delay reopening measures and bring back some restrictions. Furthermore, concerns of a mild global recession also abound, which could further hamper mining stocks. Like Freeport McMoRan, Southern Copper enjoys among the lowest costs in the industry and so rising copper prices will be a boon for them too. Freeport can boost production when prices improve and boost its margins.

The crown jewel of Freeport’s portfolio is the Grasberg mine in Indonesia, one of the world’s largest single copper and gold sources. The company’s growing copper production should support higher dividend payments. BHP aims for a minimum dividend payout ratio of 50% of its cash flow.

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In addition to copper production, Freeport also engages in gold mining and is a major producer of the rare earth metal molybdenum which is a critical alloy for steel. Clocking in at a $240 billion market capitalization, Australia’s BHP is one of the largest materials and mining companies on the planet. It has diversified operations that span the globe and mines that extract everything from copper to iron ore to gold to coal.

Many investors have proven that the rewards in investing in junior companies can outweigh the risks, in recent years. If copper prices remain subdued, in combination with high capex requirements, I think the company could be forced to cut the dividend. A dividend cut is something few investors like and would put more pressure on the stock. On the other hand, it might represent a great opportunity for those who would love to buy a great asset at a great price. That is the card I am playing with SCCO; I know I might miss much of the upside, but sometimes, if yo’re patient, you might just get the opportunity to buy a low-risk/high-reward investment.

BHP Group Limited (NYSE:BHP)

If you’re looking to play these trends, here are a handful of dedicated copper investments that may be worth a look in 2023. Unsurprisingly, Barrick Gold Corporation’s bread and butter is gold, but it also dabbles in copper mining. The company caught a huge break this year when Zambia, home of one of its largest copper mines, announced plans to restructure and ultimately lower mineral royalty taxes on copper. Headquartered in Australia with mines all over the planet, it’s already the world’s largest supplier of copper.

Demand for the metal should rise considerably in the coming years. The increased demand should support additional copper expansion projects from the world’s top mining companies, allowing them to increase production and capitalize on higher prices. After benefiting from the climb in copper prices in January, valuations of copper mining stocks appear “stretched,” according to Morgan Stanley. Companies in the commodities sector that mine or explore for copper sell shares of their company that represent ownership of a fraction of the corporation.

It is also involved in two exploration joint ventures in South Australia, where it is looking to unearth more copper and gold deposits. The below graph sums up the company’s rank according to the copper reserves it holds. There are manytrading blogsdesigned for individual investors that are interested in choosing individualbuzzing stocks. Pampa Metals stock is listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange , a rapidly growing stock exchange focused on working with entrepreneurs to access the public capital markets in Canada and internationally. The Team has demonstrable execution ability, has abundant experience in the capital markets, and has a deep network on several continents. When taking a risk on a junior copper stock you should always look for a team with experience from the field.

Southern Copper (NYSE: SCCO)

These best copper stockss are expected to yield more profit over the long term. As environmental laws become more strict, it’s getting harder and harder to open new mines. That makes the stocks of the biggest, most established mining companies some of the best to keep your eye on. As you learn about the copper market, remember that speculative investing is typically a quick way to lose money.

IWP and COPX had the highest 12-month trailing total returns at 35.7% and 66.5%, respectively, and are generally a good value for momentum investors. A futures contract happens when you purchase the copper on contract with a predetermined price and a specified expiration date. However, the chance that a single drill hole will yield a ton of high-value deposits is extremely slim. For a junior mining stock to make the list of our recommendations, we’re interested in seeing consistent and promising drill results over time, not just one success.

Copper, which is one of the largest markets for industrial metals, was not included in the European Union’s previous list of critical raw materials released in 2020. Due to its varied uses in manufacturing, construction, and industrial operations, it is widely considered a barometer of global economic activity. However, concerns are rising about potential deep shortages in the future due to its surging usage in electric vehicles and renewable energy. According to the CEO of Glencore Plc, Gary Nagle, copper production will need to nearly triple by 2040 to meet the targets for net-zero carbon emissions. This increase in demand is expected to cause a 15% surge in copper prices, pushing them above $10,000 per ton, where they will likely remain.

  • One driver of this massive footprint is the company’s mining operations in Peru.
  • The stock dividend yield is impressive too, currently sitting at 9.33%.
  • Although best known for mining and smelting gold, mining giant Barrick has been using the “c” word quite a lot lately.
  • Introduced legislation aimed at increasing the supply of metals critical to the energy transition, including copper and nickel, by categorizing them as critical raw materials.

Has controversially predicted lower temperatures globally will create challenges in agriculture and food production. His forecast is for higher commodity prices more generally over the next decade as a result. As you can see by the over-the-counter designation, this is a penny stock, but one that may be worth considering as part of a broader precious metals portfolio. I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.

The value of shares and ETFs bought through a share dealing account can fall as well as rise, which could mean getting back less than you originally put in. CFDs are leveraged products, which means that you only need to deposit a percentage of the full value of the CFD trade in order to open a position. But with traditional trading, you buy the assets for the full amount. In the UK, there is no stamp duty on CFD trading, but there is when you buy stocks, for example. Recently, Sanford C. Bernstein downgraded Anglo American’s rating to market performance. This year, the company will also be focusing on how to improve water use and efficiency in Chile and other parts of Latin America which have already been hit by severe droughts over the last year.

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By 2021, 59 % of our mined was sold in concentrate, 21% as cathode, and 20% as a rod from the North American operations. As you can see, copper is vital for many industries as a base metal. This includes producing machinery, electrical wiring, building construction, transportation, architecture and more. In 2021, the United States consumed roughly 1.8 million metric tons of copper.

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Boasting a strong indigenous mining industry, Mexico is known as a stable mining jurisdiction with a fair tax regime and solid mineral tenures. As the name suggests, Southern Copper’s main focus is the production of copper. However, it also mines by-products such as molybdenum, zinc, silver and various other metals. The Mexico-based company also has operations in Peru and, with a market cap of almost $50 billion, is considered one of the world’s largest copper miners.

Timing market trends is tricky at best and by all reasonable expectations, impossible. That doesn’t mean copper and other commodities like it aren’t meaningful additions to your portfolio. In fact, holding commodities in your portfolio can help offset the effects of inflation. Copper Mountain is also in the development stage of its Eva Copper Project in Queensland, Australia. The Eva project is expected to add another 100 million pounds of copper to the company’s annual production. Copper Mountain is also developing a 210,000-hectare mining parcel in the Mount Isa region of Australia.

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As the law of supply and demand suggests, when demand climbs, the price typically follows. If the price of copper rises, the values of the companies that produce it are likely to rise as well. Investors must compare their options when choosing the best copper stocks to buy. Copper futures are widely traded on the London Metal Exchange , at the COMEX and on the Multi-Commodity Exchange in India. Chile accounts for over one third of world’s copper production followed by China, Peru, United States, Australia, Indonesia, Zambia, Canada and Poland. The biggest importers of copper are China, Japan, India, South Korea and Germany.


To widen its lead, BHP has begun strategically positioning itself to feed the world’s rising need for copper. As a baseline, the company is already the world’s largest copper supplier, producing1,574 kilotons during FY 2022. Indeed, copper had a breakout year in 2021, reaching an all-time high above US$10,700 per metric ton on the back of higher demand expectations.

Also, the companies are well-positioned to benefit from the rise in copper demand. Junior mining copper stocks are low capital exploration companies who are in search of new deposits of copper. Junior mining companies involve themselves in all aspects of the mining life cycle, from exploration to production. Junior miners usually produce less than 300,000 oz of copper per year. If a junior exploration copper stock is successful in finding a new development, that company or asset has a great chance of being acquired by a major, in turn significantly increasing the stock price.