Can I open an accountant’s copy in QuickBooks Pro?


Then came along the Accountant’s Copy, but that was rather complex in how the file should be sent. The current user for the QB data service may change with every update, so make sure you grant the account change and read permissions before creating the accountant’s copy. Your email provider may limit the size of attachments that you can send via email. If the size thing fouls you up, you can upload the QuickBooks file to the Intuit website by choosing File→Send Company File→Accountant’s Copy→Client Activities→Send to Accountant. Intuit sends the accountant a message with a clickable link that she can use to grab the file.

Once the user recovers the email invitation, he/she has to click on the Accept Invite button and sign in to the Intuit account using the correct user ID. This will allow the user to access the QuickBooks Desktop with a new user role that has been assigned. Also, the accountant users will have additional privileges. With this, accountants can undo the reconciliation, write off the invoices, and reclassify the transactions in QuickBooks. Journal entries created by your accountant will be stored in this format.

QuickBooks File Types, Extensions, and Formats

There are numerous ways to send your QuickBooks file to your particular accountant via email. In case you miss out on any crucial step, it will lead to discrepancies and will give rise to an error. Small business owners hire accountants to handle their business accounting affairs. However, they are always worried about how to share their QuickBooks file via email. There is not a need to send your QuickBooks Online file to the accountant.

portable file

O It can also be saved and delivered via any of the above-mentioned methods. Any work the accountant does will not affect your QuickBooks. Open the file in QuickBooks to make the necessary changes.

QuickBooks 2022 Accountant Copy

Another way of sharing your QuickBooks Desktop is by creating a copy of your company data and sharing it with your accountant. Rather it creates a separate copy of your company file on which your accountant can make changes while you will still be having the original data. Once your accountant makes changes to the copy, you can import the changes into QuickBooks Desktop to update your accounting books. When you remove Accountant’s Copy Restrictions from QuickBooks Desktop, the original accountant’s copy becomes invalid. Your accountant may need another accountant’s copy or your company files may need to be fixed due to data damage.


You must take a backup of your company file before you can remove the restrictions. The steps below will help you remove restrictions from your accountant’s copy. If you are running a company you are not supposed to do everything you have to delegate the work to so many external parties that include your accountant or Bookkeeper. Although QuickBooks desktop software comes with tools and features to manage cash flow, create invoices, prepare taxes, manage inventory and more, it does not mean it is error-prone. QuickBooks Unable to Create an Accountant’s Copy is a common error encountered by many users.

Quickbook Backup Instructions

When the file size is too large, or there are multiple company files you need to send, the most convenient way to share the data is to use the Accountant Copy of the Company File. Accountant’s Copy has a or extensions and is the most secure way to share your data. You can encrypt the file by creating a password to share with your accountant.


Locate the accounting organizational structure company file and right-click on it. Choose the ‘Sharing and Security option and click on ‘Permission’. Now choose the ‘Add/Browse’ option and find the current user through which you are accessing the file. You will now have an Accountant’s copy in a .qbx file format. And you are equipped with the knowledge of how to send an accountant’s copy of QuickBooks. Before proceeding with the tutorial, you need to decide on a dividing date.

XLS, XLXS, etc., are supported file formats by Dancing Numbers. You can export a Chart of Accounts, Customers, Items, and all the available transactions from QuickBooks Desktop. Add your email details and then you will get a confirmation email when the particular Accountant’s copy is uploaded to the Intuit server successfully. Confirm that you wish to send an Accountant’s copy and select Next. This date separates from the part of your organization your accountant will work from the part you will work.

Send saved file to accountant per any of the above-mentioned methods. Save it to an external hard drive or thumb drive to be physically transported to your accountant. ◦ The work will need to be duplicated by you, in your books, based on the accountant’s recommendations. If your accountant adds inventory transactions to the Accountant’s copy, they won’t have your Advanced Inventory details. This includes things like serial numbers, inventory sites, or lot numbers. Enter this password to download the accountant’s copy.


We’ll discuss first the varying file types needed by your CPA and then the ways to deliver these to your CPA. Most businesses use QuickBooks to handle their accounting and bookkeeping processes. Therefore, you will probably want to give your accountant a copy of your file so that they can take care of these things for you. You can also check out the video below for more insights.

File-Sharing Service

Some portals also enable two-way file transfer so you and your accountant can send files to each other through the same online-transfer process. The confidentiality of this functionality can help comply with laws governing the transfer of personally identifiable information. Your accountant must weigh the cost of the service against its advantages and decide whether it merits implementation. This type of transfer system provides the best protection against online data risk, short of conveying the file on a disc or flash drive that you deliver in person.

It is merely a matter of providing the accountant with access to the online account. Year-end means reconciliations and preparing for tax season. If you use an accounting firm, you’ll need to send your QuickBooks file to your account. There are many options of how to send your QuickBooks files, each with its own advantages and limitations.

You may encounter this issue while preparing an accountant’s copy. This error may be related to the folder where the company file is stored or something else. Mature QuickBooks files can become too large to send via email attachment. QuickBooks itself, along with online file-sharing alternatives, can hold the keys to transferring your information for your accountant’s use. Keep data security uppermost as you evaluate your file-transfer options. Even if your accountant doesn’t plan to change data, an Accountant’s Copy file is still a good choice.

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However, if you have other versions of QuickBooks Desktop such as Premier and Pro or you do not use the Advanced Inventory then you can switch to the next step. Let’s find out how to share QuickBooks Desktop with accountant. Now, move to the “Manage Users” tab and refresh the tab. Here, you will see both the users; your company’s accountant and the QuickBooks user. Remember that your accountant will appear under the “Accounting firms” also. After that, you can press the “Invite” button to share QuickBooks Online with accountant.

For a tax return, put the date 1 day after the close of the tax year. So for the tax year ending Dec 31st, 2020 you would select January 1st 2021. Click once on the file menu, then hover your mouse over “Send Company File” then “Accountant’s Copy” then “Client Activities” then click “Send to Accountant”. Next, click “Save” again, and your file will be downloaded.